Majestic Oil reports passings of 50 winged creatures that arrived on Alberta tailings lakes

Magnificent Oil Ltd. is announcing the passings of 50 feathered creatures that arrived on tailings zones close to its Kearl oilsands venture in northern Alberta. Royal says in excess of 100 winged creatures for every day, basically grebes and shorebirds, have arrived on the lakes more than a few days, for the most part on untamed water. Jon Harding, an Imperial representative, says a portion of the slick feathered creatures have been taken to a restoration place in Edmonton where they will be cleaned and surveyed. Magnificent says the flying creatures arrived in spite of dynamic hindrance frameworks including radar location, commotion guns, eye-safe lasers, scarecrows, and long-go clamor making gadgets. It says the framework is kept up and worked by a very much prepared, experienced and committed group that…
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