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Desmond Tan at long last uncovers truth behind run in with ex-BFF Rebecca Lim

It was perhaps the greatest nonton drakor baru riddle in the nearby showbiz industry and now, Desmond Tan is at last revealing some insight into it.

In the latest scene of Hear U Out — a meWATCH syndicated program by neighborhood have Quan Yi Fong ⁠—the 34-year-old entertainer let the cat out of the bag on his kinship with individual artiste Rebecca Lim and what caused the crack between the previous BFFs years prior.

Basically, it was a misconception between the two superstars. Desmond didn’t go into the points of interest in spite of Yi Fong’s testing, yet he portrayed it as something that could transpire. In any case, he conceded that he accomplished something incorrectly and didn’t understand it.

He clarified: “I accomplished something and she didn’t comprehend why I did it that way. Yet, I likewise didn’t realize I accomplished something incorrectly.”

Desmond just found out about it later on and he admitted that it was “somewhat imbecilic”.

“We were both occupied with our lives and we quit reaching each other so much. However, I thought it was regular. We were all occupied with our own professions. At that point I understood we had gradually quit conversing with each other. So I asked and that is the point at which I got some answers concerning this misconception,” he said.